After gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy I wanted to get into shape and lose some weight. Fitness 4 you has been perfect for me, working full time and having a small child I can always find a class to go to that fits in with myself and my families schedule. The classes I go to are friendly and warm with such a diverse group in age, sex and weight/fitness levels, it is never an issue having to walk in on your own. There is something for everyone and I have reached alot of personal goals in small areas such as now being able to do full push ups which I never thought would be possible as I have always had weak arms. Due to the different range of exercises we do it keeps the classes fresh and pushes you to work harder.

I have found Tim to be helpful with giving me food advice without being judgemental or patronising which means I feel able to be honest with him about my goals. I don't feel I need to confess my sins as he is there to be supportive and is there to give advice when wanted and needed (no weigh ins in front of a room full of people).

In total I have lost 2 stone since starting with Tim this year and I could not be happier, I have done this mainly through exercise and cutting out too many treats. My body has changed I've dropped 2 dress sizes and I am 1 stone less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I could not recommend this fitness centre more, everyone who comes, keeps coming back and it is because it works for everyone through varied exercise and fantastic support.

Fantastic value for money and a local business worth supporting!!

C.K. North Walsham

This is a fantastic setup. I have done the gym thing but always found myself doing the same exercises all the time with no one really pushing or testing me without spending loads on a personal trainer who really does not care. Then I came across this set up here with Tim. It is brilliant! The classes are fun but Tim always pushes you to better yourself with friendly encouragement. You also have the gym sessions on a Saturday morning with all the equipment you would expect to find at a gym but with that personal touch. Tim is constantly going round and making sure people are happy and doing things properly. I myself do the classes and have a personal training session every week and I absolutely love it. I constantly recommend him to all my friends. Trust me give it a go :-) Thanks Tim for making the gym fun!

K.R. Norfolk

My partner and I would both highly recommend Tim. He is extremely supportive and encouraging. Tim shows that he really cares and the variation of exercise keeps us both interested and motivated. If there is something we don't like, we don't do it and find something else instead which means we both continue to enjoy it - for me particularly, this is a miracle!!

E.G. Bacton

Tim Strike has helped me lose 2st 8lb and I would highly recommend if you are looking for a personal trainer at a very affordable rate.

S.H. Colby